Smart Film

Smartfilm may be used on any existing glass panel of any size and shape! We can install Smartfilm for you and be happy with the results! Change Smartfilm instantly with a remote control with easy ON/OFF switch, changes PDLC film from opaque to transparent, dim it or put it on a timer. In its opaque state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

Smartfilm provides savings on your energy prices and is easy to maintain compared to blinds: blocks 98% of UV rays, blocks 95% harmful infrared rays. Multiple glass panels may be joined together to form one massive switchable Smartglass or a partition. PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) is electrical switchable adhesive film that may be applied to existing glass. A simple ON/OFF mode switches the PDLC film from opaque to clear (transparent). In its opaque state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

Our each switchable Smarfilm, fabricated to the custom size, is made in Canada, and we apply innovative solutions to execute every project. The transformers that we use are also made in Canada. We provide the very best quality merchandise and also the transparency of 90% that anyone can offer. Switchable Smartfilm is applied on existing glass, which suggests it is a retrofit application. Our highly experienced technicians measure the glass panels very precisely, then the measurements are sent to the assembly, located in Ontario, Canada, where the order is custom created. Once ready, the technicians can install the Smartfilm with utmost precision and accuracy. Please keep in mind that each project is different where our team is trained well to look at the positioning and notice ways in which to conceal the wires.

Smart FilmSmart Film


Color: Translucent white

Material: Plastic, Glass Film

Cable: 1.5m/59”

Size: 155*100mm/6.1*3.9″

Haze: ON: <7%, OFF: >90%

View angle:ON: around 150°

SHGC: ON: 0.78, OFF: 0.06

IR blocking: ON: >30%, OFF: 90%

Reponse time: ON to OFF: 200ms

Power consumption(On): <5W/㎡


Service life(Indoor): more than 10 years

Operating temperature(ON to OFF): -30℃ to 60℃

Storage temperature(ON to OFF): -30℃ to 70℃

Transmission/Parallel light: ON: ablout 78%(±1) , OFF: <1

Package Include: 1 x Glass Film

Smart Glass has an unlimited number of uses, including but not limited to:

Office / meeting room / reception room/ private room, doors / windows / Medical wards / he operating rooms of hospitals, monitoring rooms / police station, court ect.

Wash room / bathrooms, cars, lorries, luxury yachts ect.

Jewelry shop, museums, insurance counters, automatic equipment ect.

Large-scale projection screens.

All kinds of places which need day lighting and privacy.


Switch on, transparent; switch off, opaque, which achieves the double requirements of day lighting and privacy.

Safety: film will stop glass from shattering.

Environmental protection: more than 90% infrared and 98% of UV protection.

Anti-aging, anti-fade.

Self Adhesive, but it can be easily removed and reapplied if needed.